Sunday, March 17, 2013

This happened tonight, I fell asleep, nothing strange, no attempts to induce an OOBE.  When I am sleeping suddenly I feel aware, I am brought back to the point where I am looking at Sheigrasha, just before the energy tube sucks me to what I find out is the death of me in my current dimension.  Sheigrasha gives me a location to visit through telepathy, and then tells me to clock backwards.  I think what she impresses, as the tube sucks me, and I revert back to when I broke out of the tube before I even met Sheigrasha.

Let me explain, as I did this, how it worked also was placed in my mind.  Basically I moved back in time, which is something I don't particularly like the idea of.  Time travel is not something I enjoy thinking about.  Well it turns out when you go back in time, you simply go to a state that was exactly where you came from, the you in the present vanishes, or dies depending if it is just your conscious.  That existence can never be reached again, unless you clock back with your conscious, then you can backtrack your backtrack, and end up back to the present, but never the future.

Anyway, instead of going to Sheigrasha's world, I went to Where Prime was instead. I am in a room with twelve walls arranged in a circle.  There is a really tall figure sitting in chair playing a harp/organ instrument.  He would pluck the strings in two rows, and it would reverberate the base which was similar to the hollow of  a acoustic guitar, and the sound would travel down pipes which went up into the walls.  The music was amazing, Prime had six fingers on each hand,  He had hairs on his head, but they were really thick, dread lock thick.  His eyes glowed, and even changed colors.  He looked somewhat similar to Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas, except alive, and alien looking.

He finished the piece he was playing, and reached and grabbed a device that was hooked to a notch in his clothing.  He puts the beeping device over his eyes like a pair of goggles, then looked right at me.  As soon as he looked at me, I hear in my mind "You shouldn't have been able to get in here".  Then I thought communicated back "Sorry, I need your help I think".  I then explained what I explained to Sheigrasha, and how I arrived to meet him.

As I stand there awkwardly for a few minutes, I hear his thoughts again.  "She already just gave you the solution, and the only reason she would send you to me, is so that I could be the bearer of bad news".  I said "What is that"..... His reply "It is obvious from just looking at you, you aren't aligned".  Then he showed me that the focus tube thing had pulled me back over 100,000,000 million years into the past.  I could feel it again, right after he mentioned it, the focus tube finding me again, Prime's last thought transmission was "distribute your memories".  Which made absolutely no sense.

I went back in time following my conscious path, and found myself sitting next to Sheigrasha again, just before I was sucked away by the tube focus thing.  I was then as I explained earlier sucked into the pod, it quarantined my mind, but I remember more details.  I didn't actually escape the pod.  I went back in time, so the me in that time existence died, but I transferred my conscious back to a younger me, the experience I had, was not my own, but that of another me that died in the future.

When you go back in time, you create a new time dimension, the people you witness will only ever witness you travel back, but you can never witness someone travel back to your time.  In my case, a dying me transferred back, to a past me, and it is the only time lapse anyone in this physical dimension can ever know about.  You are always in a dimension that forbids content from the future, the only exception is if you yourself go back into time, then the time you go to will only ever experience you going back into it.

I hope that wasn't to confusing, it makes sense to me even though I hate its very concept.  So if there is any legitimacy to what I just experienced, then apparently a me from the future transferred back just before I died.  The memories are suppressed, and designed to only awaken at certain times during my life.  So in essence, the mind tube thing hasn't happened yet, and it may or may not ever happen to me in this current existence.  If it does happen again, I died in my other future existence.  I don't know what the heck future me, who I guess is actually me right now was thinking, I just don't remember the future, because I had the bright idea to suppress my memories of the future, and I lost some memories in the process.

I don't know if there is any legitimacy to what I just wrote above, perhaps this is just some elaborate linked lucid dream experiences that I have had.  If anything though, it was quite entertaining, strange, scary, and awesome.  I am going to try and figure out some of the piece that Prime Cypurt was playing on my piano.  Maybe it will sound alien enough to not sound earthly wha ha ha ha ha ha.  Then again, it could have just been my subconscious going crazy, so in that case it would be earthly, just unusual.  Anyway I am done rambling that is my Prime contact experience.

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