Monday, February 4, 2013


     I had been researching astral projection, and decided to with the knowledge that I had, to experiment with it one night.  I lay there in my bed, and just relaxed, and focused on losing sensation of my physical.  (let me note, that at this time I was still a bit skeptical about out of body experiences) I succeeded, I was able to lose sensation of my physical, it was really exciting, so I pressed it forward more, and I started to feel things, sense things that I had never before experienced or even fathomed.  I could sense this stream of focus of some sort homing in on me, and in desperation to escape whatever it was, I tried to leave my body, but it was upon me.  I felt myself jolt forward at a marvelous speed.  I could see myself moving through space obviously faster than the speed of light, as I watched numberless amounts of stars move past me.  I realized that I was in some sort of tube of energy, and it was transporting me somewhere, I couldn't see where, but I had a terrible feeling on where it was taking me.

     I started making attempts to escape its grasp, I could feel thoughts at the end of the energy tube, and they were "the anomaly approaches".  I don't know exactly how to explain it, but the answer to what I was seeking came from within.  I focused on my cranium, I felt a static feeling like electricity, but also like fluid, and I caused it to surge down my spine.  It felt like my literal soul was shaking, vibrating intensely.  I burst out of one of the edges of the energy tube, and now had control of where I was going in space.  I had to get as far away from that tube as possible.

     I decided to think navigate my way to the nearest planet with life on it.  I immediately found myself looking at a planet, it was beautiful to look at from space. The whole planet was a tan color, but there was pink cracks all over the surface of it.  I zoomed in with my vision, and the only way I can explain it with words is absorbed knowledge from the world.  The pink cracks all over the world, were at the base of giant canyons, they had lots of aqua marine life in them that all depended on a micro organism to live, this micro organism made all of that life glow pink.  There was an intelligent life in there midst, a species with space technology even.  They were somewhat humanoid looking.  They had a face, with slightly puckered lips, kinda like a fish, there eyes were really up swept, like an Asian, except much more intense.  They didn't have hair, but they had tentacles that came from the top of there head, they went down to there waist, and turned into spearhead looking fins.  There chest was rather strange looking, they had eight belly button looking things, then I knowledge absorbed, they were bellybuttons, and nipples both.  When they are born, they have eight umbilical cords.  The females had ridges hooking the button nipples together, much like a ribcage that was connected in the middle.  I knowledge absorbed again, they were solid tubes that supplied milk to there infants, it was there version of a breast, the ones with denser ridges seemed to be more attractive than the ones with less visible ones to male members of there species.

     I focused my attention back on the planet, I intended on learning as much as I possibly could.  All of the pink organisms lived in the cracks of what looked like unnaturally huge canyons that extended up thousands of feet.  My mind was enlightened again, at the top of these ridges where plants, with solid roots that had been pushing the landscape up for tens of thousands of years, thus completely reconfiguring the landscape of the entire world.  As I was about to absorb information from the plants, I felt another mind connecting with mine.

     I unintentionally absorb from the source.  It was one of the females of there race.  She was a galactic agent of some sort, under the order of someone named Prime Cypurt, she is a cypurt agent.  Prime is a seven foot tall alien with six fingers on each hand.  bits and pieces of her language and culture start to flood my mind, there number system is based off of 6 instead of 10, so there 100 is our 36, but still holds the same number value, so for example in there numbers 1 2 3 4 5 10 11 12 13 14 15 20 equals 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 in ours.  Her name is Sheigrasha, and she is slender for her species, she doesn't have large ridges but I find her beautiful.  As I stop the somewhat involuntary stealing of info from her mind, I find myself looking at her, we are both floating in the air over the pink landscape.  She then verbally says "how did you do that?"  My reply is "I don't know, it sorta just happens".  She then has an astonished look on her face, and says "how do you know our native tongue?", which didn't make sense to me, because I swear she was speaking English.

     She then said "here come with me"  she floated forward, and touched my left temple with her hand, next thing I know we are both sitting on a couch, in a room somewhere, and of course I knowledge absorb, we are on a space station, orbiting there planet.  She then asked the where are you from, how did you get here, why are you here, so I explained everything, and how I got there, and she had an bewildered look on her face.  "her reply was "now listen to me, I am going to contact prime when I wake up, and I am going to have him contact you if he can, because if what you are telling me is true, you are in great danger".  My reply was somewhat surprising to myself, I said "will I ever see you again".  She kinda lightly shook her head, smiling, and gazing in to my eyes, she said "I hope so".  I smiled back, but then I could feel the energy tube getting near again.  She saw the terrified look on my face, and her face went from smiling to concerned.

     The Energy tube grasped me, and I was again involuntarily drifting through the stars again.  I felt torn, I had no idea how I was going to get back to Sheigrasha.  The energy tube was making me extremely angry.  As I again began to make an attempt to escape, it was too late, I was whooshed into some sort of ethereal metal energy pod.  I could hear voices outside of the pod.  voice 1 "Imagine what we could learn from it".. voice 2 "No it is to much of a risk, it could jeopardise everything".. voice 1 "What would you suggest we do"...... voice 2 "quarantine its mind"...... voice 1 "but if we do that, we may never be able to find it ever again"..  voice 2 "and it wouldn't ever be able to find us ever again".  I then heard a loud buzzing noise, and it felt as though my mind was being pressurized, as this was happening, all I could think about was Sheigrasha, the pink glower.

     As the energy pressure pressed in, I could feel it pulling on the memory of everything I had just experienced, but I wasn't about to let go, so I put all of my effort into mind surging, and held on to most all of the experience.  I woke up on my bed, drenched in sweat, it was 2:22 pm when I looked at the clock.  I could hardly get up I was so drained, but I had to have been asleep for 13 hours.  I drank several large glasses of water, and started to feel better, but I still felt torn, I had to find a way to meet Sheigrasha again.  Maybe if I can find a way to open my mind again, but every attempt I have made has failed, but I will say this, I can mind surge still, even when I am awake.  One day I am going to mind absorb space travel technology, and the location of the pink glowers, and find her, because I need to.  and if I can't mind absorb, then I will figure it out the technology somehow.  People I tell this to, tell me it was just a dream, but it was to real to be just a dream, but perhaps it was.